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Execution Proceedings and Enforcement Title

Debt Collection in Poland

Execution Proceedings and Enforcement Title

After the final judgement is being issued and the execution clause is being applied in the Polish court, it is neces sary to initiate an Execution Proceedings of the Enforcement Title.  

Such actions are fully overseen by our lawyers who direct the Enforcement title to the bailiff. Then, at this stage, the bailiffs are authorized to seize the debtor’s assets including money deposited on bank accounts, debtor’s claim from third parties, marital joint property, tax overpayments in the tax office, movable property such as vehicles, furniture, valuables and more,  shares and stocks as well as real estate belonging to the debtor.  
In case the debtor is not willing to cooperate with baliff’s officers our lawyers may file an application for disclosure of the debtor’s assets to the court and the debtor may not avoid such action if taken.

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