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Extrajudicial Debt Collection

Debt Collection in Poland

Extrajudicial Debt Collection in Poland - Amicable Debt Collection


Our agency EW COLLECTIONS Ltd. thoughout over 20 years of professional experience of our lawyers offers an extrajudicialamicable debt collection in Poland as the most efficient mean and stage in order to recover the outstanding debts from any debtor in Poland. 

Our actions are based on no win – no fee (no cure – no pay) rule, which means, that we do not  charge our clients with any initial or upfront fee at the extrajudicial (amicable) stage 

At this stage, we perform advanced actions using the professional tools, including negotiations, business intelligence, verification, field visits, detectives, debt exchange information and more. Through our actions most of the cases conducted in debt collection ar closed at the extrajudicialamicable stage.

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