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Verification of Companies

Express Verification of companies

Our company EW COLLECTIONS Ltd. offers express (up to 30 minutes / online) verification service for foreign and domestic contractors (Express Verification), including:

-Checking the company's registration data in a commercial or other register

- checking the current status of the contractor in other open and secret registers

-Checking the contractor's company in foreign or domestic debt collection bases.


Thanks to the Express Verification service, our clients have saved tens of thousands of euros without engaging in transactions with unreliable foreign or domestic entities. 

We perform the service up to 30 minutes during the Customer Service Office's working hours.


Available variants:

- one-time service

- monthly subscription.


FURTHER DETAILS AND ORDERS: +48 797 404 120, +48 71 758 20 51, +48 71 758 20 59 or by e-mail:


See. also: Our blog entry regarding the Express Verification service (in Polish).


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