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Debt Collection

B2B Debt Collection

We provide International Debt Collection in over 100 countries all over the world working together with our local collectors. 

We provide professional debt collection services against B2B debtors with no upfront fees in amicable stage. 

Our actions include out-of-court negotiations, judicial actions, bailiff actions.
The operations within our Debt Recovery Services are mostly prelegal actions and generally do not
include judicial proceedings which may be performed upon separate agreement.
We are able to instigate legal action against the debtor if the case requires such kind of actions.

Our success fee is a percentage of the amount paid or returned in other way by a debtor, its height depends on the amount of detailed claim. The commission fee is due after the debtor pays off his obligation in full or in part.


B2C Debt Collection

Our B2C actions are made in accordance to local regulations and within the requirements of personal data protection law.

We proceed B2C cases on behalf of financial, banking, insurance and medical institutions, as well as regarding debts of utilities and related services.

Our goal is to recover the debt without involving additional costs – successful negotiations with debtors allow to recover the debt in full without legal
actions. However in certain cases we proceed litigation towards natural persons – in files where debtor is located and there are real possibilities of legal recovery.


Our reach

Debt Collection in Poland : We provide B2B and B2C Debt Collection Services against the debtors in Poland for our international Clients.

Click here to find out more about our Efficient Debt Collection in Poland in our resources.

Click here to find out more about limitation periods in Poland.

Global: Our Worldwide Debt Recovery Services cover all European countries plus the United States, Australia, countries of Asia and Africa.


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