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Debt collection in Poland


Debt Collection in Poland - Effective Debt Recovery Solutions in Poland

EW COLLECTIONS  provides B2B and B2C Debt Collection Services against the debtors in Poland for our international Clients. 


EW COLLECTIONS Ltd. provides professional and effective debt recovery services in Poland. Having over 20 years of experience in debt collection industry, our lawyers provide high quality debt recovery against the Polish debtors.  
Our actions include an effective debt collection in Poland no win no fee basis (no cure no pay) against B2B and B2C debtors in Poland. 

Each year we handle thousands of debt collection cases against numerous companies and individuals in Poland. Most of the cases are successful and finished at the amicable – out of court (pre-legal) stage. 
The prejudicial debt recovery stage enables us to perform high-quality negotiations with the Polish debtors without involving our lawyers for the purpose of litigationlegal action performed against the Polish debtors in the courts. 

If the the specific case requires legal action and enforcement of the judgement, we are also happy to assist in this stage of debt recovery in Poland. Our lawyers will perform all necessary action in order to secure the claim of such creditor in judicial proceedings in the Polish court and obtain an enforceable judgement. 

Our full-service legal and debt collection against business entities and natural persons in Poland includes a variety of supporting actions depending from the nature of the case such as skip tracing, business intelligence, wealth analysis etc. 

EW COLLECTIONS debt collection services in out-of-court stage are handled on contigent (no win no fee) basis. This means that our sole remuneration at this stage is a commission (contingency fee) calculated on the value of the debt being successfully recovered from the Polish debtor. 

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