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Importing from China and debt collection in China

Import from China: advance payment for delivery and lack of goods: how to prevent fraud and reduce the risk?

Importing from China has long been very popular among entrepreneurs around the world. A huge market, competitive prices, and product diversity make many companies decide to cooperate with Chinese suppliers. Unfortunately, not everything always goes as we expect.

One of the most frustrating scenarios is a situation in which we have paid an advance payment for the delivery of goods, but the goods are not available. How do you deal with such a situation? In this article, we will look at the problem of dishonest suppliers from China and possible ways to prevent fraud, including minimizing losses related to transactions with unverified entities. 

International debt collection: your support in the fight for money
Scams related to imports from China are nothing new; unfortunately, many companies experience this type of difficulty. One of the key problems is the fact that many importers do not have direct access to information and have been deceived by Chinese suppliers. Our experience allows us to help entrepreneurs recover the money they paid as an advance payment for goods that never arrived.



Verification of potential suppliers in China

The first step worth taking before making an advance payment to a Chinese supplier is to thoroughly verify such a supplier. Our company offers company verification in China.

In our work, we use the best and most up-to-date databases and have access to current blacklists of suppliers from China in close cooperation with our lawyers in China. Thanks to this, we can provide our clients with reliable information about the reliability of potential contractors.

In our practice, we have often encountered situations where a Chinese contractor, after receiving an advance payment from an importer, changed his address and telephone numbers, becoming unreachable to our client. In fact, this often concerned not producers but trade intermediaries. It was possible to contact him again after making arrangements with our local partners.

Counteracting unfair practices and economic fraud in China

Chinese fraudsters often use various tricks to mislead importers. Examples include false documents, unfair trade practices, and unclear contract terms. Our company has experienced local debt collectors and lawyers who are able to identify fraud and act effectively in the client's interest. We act quickly to protect the interests of our clients and conduct civil and criminal proceedings against such entities.

Debt collection and alternative solutions

In the event that the goods have not been delivered and the deposit has already been paid, our aim is to recover this money for the customer. We use the best debt collection practices and experienced local debt collectors.

However, if recovering your money is difficult or impossible, we try to find alternative solutions. Thanks to the experience of our colleagues, we often successfully deliver goods to our importer clients.

If your company has experienced a situation in which funds were sent to a contractor in China as an advance payment for goods and the Chinese company delays the shipment of goods or there are interruptions in contact, this may be a situation that requires explanation.

We have been conducting debt collection in China for over a dozen years. Please contact us if you have a problem with a supplier from China, describing the problem by e-mail to or using the form on our website




Importing from China is an attractive solution for many companies, but it involves the risk of losing funds. That is why it is so important to use the services of specialized debt collection companies that help verify suppliers and prevent fraud. It is worth investing in such solutions to protect your interests and avoid losing money on advance payments for goods that will never be delivered. After all, saving time and money is crucial to the success of any business.



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